The Hussy Get Trippy With “Undefined” Video

The Hussy are working on taking the title of hardest working two-piece band from JEFF the Brotherhood and The Black Keys. Seriously, Bobby and Heather have to have Keith Richard’s sleep habits (In Life, he claims to only need sleep once every three days, meaning he’s lived the equivalent of three lifetimes) or have access to some serious uppers. Whatever it is, it seems to be really paying off for the band. In the midst of readying a shit ton of releases for the year, they’ve just made a video for “Undefined”, the opening track on the soon to be released LP, Weed Seizure. I originally wanted to premiere this track a couple of weeks back, but Bobby said not to because he had a sweet video in the works. He wasn’t full of shit. The Hussy take you on a journey that might just trigger an acid flashback. And I’m perfectly cool with that. Check out the video below and try not to be wig out. The LP is due out sometime this month. While you’re at it, check out the other single they put out called “Dokks” below. Can’t pimp that track enough. It’s awesome.

Undefined – The Hussy

One Response to “The Hussy Get Trippy With “Undefined” Video”
  1. taylor williams says:

    this shit rules!

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