Interview: John Barrett of Bass Drum of Death

The night of this show started off a bit shitty. After a long day of bullshit at work, I got to the venue to find out that the free tickets I was promised to this show by NowPlayingNashville didn’t make the guest list. Not that I mind paying to see a good band like Bass Drum of Death, but its hard not to be bummed when you don’t get the free shit you were promised. Oh well. The show was awesome, though the crowd was too tame until they played “Velvet Itch” and “Get Found.” I lost my iPhone during the latter song, but luckily, it was returned to me by a blonde chick. Whoever you are, thanks! I fully expected to find it in 15 jigsaw shaped pieces after that set. Anyways, before the show kicked off, I met John Barrett outside. He was a cool enough guy to let me ask him a couple questions before he and the rest of his band proceeded to deliver one hell of a show. Anyways, blah, blah, blah, here’s the interview.

What’s your opinion of most two piece bands nowadays?

It really doesn’t matter how many people are in the band. It just matters that the songs are good. If you have good songs and you’re in a two-piece, then you have good songs. If you have shitty songs and you’re in an eight-piece, then you have shitty songs.

You said GB City stands for Gravity Bong City. Did you have a vision for that or was it just something that popped into your head while you were high?

It was just dumb stoner slang that me and my friends would throw around all the time. It kinda felt appropriate.

Why did you switch from being a two-piece to a full live band?

Now we’re just a three piece with two guitars. Basically, it’s just more like how I made the record with all the guitars. As a three-piece, it thickens up the thicker parts and then the other guys are able to play some of the leads that are on the record that I couldn’t play as a two-piece. Plus, it’s more fun traveling with three people than just two.

What’s the status of the new record?

I guess about 60-70% done.There’s a couple of 7’s that are gonna come out around June. Hopefully, we’ll have something out in the fall.

Will it be more collaborative now that you have two more people in the band as opposed to when you wrote the first album all by yourself?

It’s pretty much still me, but we’ll get together and fuck around at practice a lot more at practice.

Because you recorded the first album by yourself, everyone was rushing to put the lo-fi label on it. How do you feel about that and lo-fi in general nowadays?

I don’t know. It’s just a way to describe music I guess. It’s like genre tag. I don’t have a real opinion, I just like my stuff to sound dirty.That’s kinda how I like shit to sound.

If there’s a hell, who’s playing music there right now?

Probably Bon Scott. And I mean that in a totally good way. He’s like killing it.

I remember a while back, you guys had to cancel a Canadian tour because they wouldn’t allow you into the border. A lot of bands are having this problem, like San Diego’s Crocodiles. What’s your opinion on this whole situation?

They just make it really unnecessarily hard for people who are not making that much money to go and “work” in their country. It’s not like we’re going in there and killing a bunch of people or raping women or running out with like 50 grand. We’re playing a 30 minute set for $100 or whatever and crashing on floors. They just make it super hard to do that.

What’s the best band around right now?

Probably the Spits.

Lady Gaga, Oprah, and Sarah Palin. You gotta fuck one, marry one and kill one. GO!

Fuck Sarah Palin, marry Oprah, kill Lady Gaga.

Most important question: what are you drinking tonight?

Right now, a Bud Light

Thanks John! You can check out a video I got of the band performing “Nerve Jamming” from the night below, along with a couple of their other songs below as well. If they come through your town, don’t hesitate. They’re not a band to be missed.

Nerve Jamming (live) – Bass Drum of Death

Velvet Itch – Bass Drum of Death

Young Pros – Bass Drum of Death

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  1. sweetjuicysounds says:

    Amazing band!

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