PUJOL Does Even More Cool Shit

It’s no new news that Daniel Pujol is a prolific artist. He makes the term “multi-tasking” his bitch. Less than a year after Saddle Creek released his Hobbesian-inspired EP Nasty, Brutish and Short (which got me through a research paper I had to do on that cynical fucker Hobbes), they are already readying his next effort titled United States of Being.  It’s coming out on June 5th. If Short was the soundtrack for the fall and winter, then this will probably be the soundtrack for your summer. If you want a preview of what’s to come, the people at SPIN (who flip-flop more than any politician you will ever meet) got smart and asked him to feature a song for free download. Good call. The song is called “DIY2k” and it’s what you’d expect from PUJOL: a smart track with undeniably catchy hooks that will keep you entranced. This isn’t bone-head rock, kids. You might actually learn a thing or two from music like this (or at least how not to be a complete dumbass). You can check out the track on SPIN’s site, but if you’d rather not give them the hits they don’t deserve, you can download it right HERE. If you’re still unfamiliar with Pujol, get to know him with this interview I did a while back, or you can jump straight into the music by checking out the usual few videos below. Make sure to catch him tomorrow at the Freakin’ Weekend opening for the Greenhornes at the Exit/In. Something tells me that this won’t be the only album Pujol releases this year. And that’s a good thing.

Point of View –  PUJOL (EDIT: I have NO idea how I missed this music video. This song is probably the best thing he’s done)

Mayday – PUJOL

Too Safe – PUJOL

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