Neil Young and Crazy Horse Do “Americana”

After months of speculation and making everyone feel like they’ve been blue-balled, Neil Young and Crazy Horse have made it official. On June 5th, Neil Young and Crazy Horse will release Americana, the first of two albums that will be their first in nearly a decade. The album is supposed to be comprised of classic American folk covers, which I normally wouldn’t be too stoked about, but since it’s Neil fucking Young, I’ll make an exception. Rolling Stone leaked the tracklisting yesterday and said that a single should be on the way very soon.

The album includes songs like “Oh Sussannah,” “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain”, “Wayfarin’ Stranger,” and for some reason, “God Save the Queen.” Like I said, I’m not usually one for cover albums, but I have a feeling the duo will put an awesome spin on this kind of stuff. Even if they don’t, I’ll still probably end up buying it. Once again, it’s Neil fucking Young. Anyways, the track listing is below. A new single should pop up soon. If live under a rock and don’t know anything about them, pick up Live Rust or simply check out the usual few below. 2012 looks better and better every day.

Americana Tracklisting

1. Oh Susannah

2. Clementine

3. Tom Dooley

4. Gallows Pole

5. Get A Job

6. Travel On

7. High Flyin’ Bird

8. She’ll Be Comin ’Round The Mountain

9. This Land Is Your Land

10. Wayfarin’ Stranger

11. God Save The Queen

Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young and Crazy Horse

The Needle and the Damage Done – Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Hey Hey My My – Neil Young and Crazy Horse

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