Shitlist Vol. 3

– You can buy “likes” for your band’s page on facebook now. Google it. There’s a bunch of companies that’ll give you about 100 likes for like $20 a pop. You’re welcome, Brandon Jazz.

– Marilyn Manson is back with a new album and apparently he got Johnny Depp to do a cover of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” with him. It’ll still probably be less painful than watching another movie where Johnny plays Tim Burton’s bitch boy.

– Patrick Stump, the former lead singer of Fallout Boy, announced that he really is a pussy and is quitting music because he doesn’t like the bad criticism he’s been getting lately. Maybe there is a God.

– Bows and Arrows are too boring to be real.

– Dubstep has officially become the new Nu-Metal. It’s at the Grammys, in movie commercials, video game commercials, etc. The good news is, it’ll be dead eventually like nu-metal. The bad news is, it’s gonna be a slow death.

– Apparently, the musical equivalent of rape that was Korn’s dubstep album wasn’t enough for their frontman Jonathan Davis. He’s announced plans to make his own dubstep EP under the name “J Devil.” I guess he figured he could either bandwagon on this for another 10 years or apply for a job as a sandwich artist.

– The members of the Darkness hate each other and the lead singer, Justin Hawkins, says that’s why the band makes awesome music. Dude thinks he’s in Zeppelin or something. Sorry dude, Zeppelin wasn’t a one-hit wonder with annoying teeth.

– I feel like someone sold their soul for that band Fun. to get signed. Christ, what a load of shit.

– Every writer on the planet has done a write up for SXSW. I mean its cool that it happened and you were there, but if I have come across one more article that mentions “free tacos,” I’m gonna shoot myself.

– Linkin Park says they’re trying to move away from electronic sounds on their new album. Don’t worry, the suckage will still be at full blast.

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