Majestico Goes Acoustic For Live and Reel

Whenever I’ve usually heard Majestico, it’s usually a barrage of electric guitars, shit-kicking drums and enough bass to make your girlfriend climax before you get a chance. Yet, I’ve never heard them in an acoustic setting. Yeah, there’s been a few videos floating around, but since most rock acts are hit or miss acoustically, I kind of avoided them to keep the badass-ness (not a word but fuck it, if Sarah Palin can invent words and have millions of Republicans still call her “brilliant,” I’ve got a leg up on that bitch) of this band intact. However, after I saw these vids from Live and Reel that the band recently recorded, my opinion quickly changed.

Come Away – Majestico

Gimme Love – Majestico

The songs include “Come Away” and an acoustic “Gimme Love,” which can be heard on their Live in Japan LP. The videos highlight a cardinal rule that is innate in the world of rock ‘n’ roll: if you’re going to be in a band and write songs, they should still be powerful without the use of feedback or electricity. Majestico does this well. No word on when their next show is gonna be, but if you want to hear more, you can check out their “live” album below.

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