The Hussy Return to Nashville

One year after they nearly burnt down Mt Swag with their chaotic show (the burning guitar did help a bit), the Hussy are coming back to Nashville for round two. This time, the piss and vinegar rock n roll duo have their sights set on the End. Seeing how shabby that place is, they might succeed in burning down the venue this time. Shit, after last time, they might take out a couple of city blocks with them.
The Hussy have chosen June 8th to make their glorious return. Joining them at the show are the always badass Useless Eaters and a new band called Western Medicine featuring Adam and Danger of Bad Cop and Justin of Cannonmen. The bill seems stacked and chances are it’ll only be $5 so don’t pussy out.
If you haven’t already picked up their latest LP Weed Seizure, do yourself a favor and pick it up. Then save your money, cause its the first record of the hundred others they are gonna put out this year alone. These guys may like to get high a lot, but they still make productivity their bitch. Can’t wait to buy these motherfuckers a shot of whiskey. Til then, get familiar with some of their tunes below.

Undefined – The Hussy

The Hussy at Mickey’s Tavern

Dokks – The Hussy

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