Hair – Ty Segall & White Fence

I had been kind of sick of Ty Segall lately. Don’t get me wrong, he rules and makes some of the best music around today, but like Jack White, he’s gotten this demi-God status around these parts that gets extremely annoying. It doesn’t turn me off his music necessarily, but it just makes it hard to separate it from the usual dick-sucking that comes with those who write for Nashville’s Dead. Anyways, all that aside, I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this LP from my new friend named Terri. Thanks, Terri. If you’re ever in Nashville, I owe you a beer. I’d been skeptical about this release, cause while I do like White Fence, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first single they released for this album, “I’m Not a Game.” Not a bad song by any means, just nothing that really warranted replay value in my book. However, as the album progressed, the replay value skyrocketed.

The album is short for an LP, but too long to be an EP. What makes the band really interesting is that while Ty is known for his catchy guitar riffs, he only plays drums on the record and isn’t really the prominent singer on the album. White Fence’s Tim Preseley adds another dimension to this album though. He throws in organ melodies and guitar riffs that can change from soft to heavier than fuck.  Segall’s drumming follows suit, which makes for one of the best collaborations I’ve heard in a while. From the opening track “Time,” I was already digging the fuzzed guitar fills layered over the peaceful acoustic guitar, especially where Presley makes the switch to heavy at the end. “Easy Ryder” is one of my favorites. The only track where Segall really gets to do vocals, it’s got the swagger of a rock ‘n’ roll song and the lyrics back that shit up. “The Black Glove/Rag” follows the slow to fast  jam cycle I mentioned earlier. It almost becomes a completely different song at the faster part (I’m guessing the “Rag” part of the song). Very fucking cool. “Crybaby” is a short song but filled with attitude. “(I Can’t) Get Around You” rules too, but the best song on the record for me is definitely “Scissor People.” The fast-paced song evolves into the coolest/trippiest jam on the whole album as Segall’s madman style drums merge with Presley’s fucked up/face melting guitar solos. It just clicks too fucking well. Wonder how they’re gonna pull this one off live. “Tongues” closes off the album nicely, ending with a wall of lo-fi feedback. Nicely done.

Ultimately, this album rules and has reminded me why Ty rules and gets the praise he deserves. It also showed me that Preseley has some awesome chops as well and that I need to start paying more attention to White Fence. If you get the chance, pick up this album and go see both bands when they come to town May 21st at the End. I’ve missed the last few times Ty’s come here because of bullshit, but I’ll be damned if an 8:00 AM job the next day stops me from catching him this time. Considering Ty has another album coming out in June under the moniker Ty Segall Band, something tells me this show is going to be even crazier. Check out a couple of the tracks below.

Time – Ty Segall & White Fence

Easy Ryder – Ty Segall & White Fence

Scissor People – Ty Segall & White Fence (well, I guess this is how they pull it off live. Word)

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