Turbo Fruits Release “Sweet Thang”, Useless Eaters Release New Tracks

Once again, a thousand apologies for being away for awhile. Had to get some shit straightened out but everything’s getting back on track (sort of) and cool shit’s going to start happening. In other words:

Anyways, while I’ve been gone, it seems like no one in Nashville has been sleeping. A group of people more sleep-deprived and on more uppers than I am has to be Turbo Fruits. Jonas and the crew have been ripping up shit across the US of A, supporting Deer Tick. They got signed to Kings Of Leons’ label Serpents and Snakes Records and are readying the release of their third LP, Butter. The fucker has a release date of September 11th and is guaranteed to be a shit-kicker. Finally dudes. I was afraid this shit was going to be the next Chinese Democracy considering how long they’ve had tracks for it played a live shows and all of that jazz. Fingers crossed that we get to hear a studio version of “In My Epic Head” soon. To hold us over til then, they released one of the tracks, “Sweet Thang,” via Spin Magazine. Not gonna lie, I originally thought this track was pretty cheesy, but it’s grown on me a lot recently. I dig it and the melodies stick around a long time after the song is done playing. Well done guys. Well done. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. You can download the single below. Give it a spin or two and see for yourself.

Sweet Thang – Turbo Fruits

Next up, Seth Sutton can’t slow down. Literally. The dude can put out more songs in a week than most bands can put out in a year. He recently released a new LP, C’est Bon and that’s still not enough for him. He’s released two new tracks in the past few days, “Moody Bitch” and my favorite “Hypertension.” These songs are a bit more mellow than what I’m used to from the Eaters, but they kick ass nonetheless. I got to see him and the band at the Freakin’ Weekend back in March (has it been that long, fuck me, where have I been?) and the band killed it. I don’t like giving that one guy from Diarrhea Planet any credit at all, but when he shuts his mouth, doesn’t wear that pizza hat like a five year old and just plays drums, he does a decent job. The band is next opening when the Hussy return to Nashville June 8th, so you can see what I mean when I say they fucking kill it live. Anyways, you can check out the tracks below. Keep an eye on Useless Eaters. They hardly ever stop doing cool shit and I doubt they will anytime soon.

Hypertension – Useless Eaters

Moody Bitch – Useless Eaters

That’s it for now, peeps. I’ll be back soon with more cool stuff. Til then, set your cell phone to vibrate and finish yourself off.

Love you all (except my enemies, you guys can eat a dick)

Jordan Canio

7 Responses to “Turbo Fruits Release “Sweet Thang”, Useless Eaters Release New Tracks”
  1. Stephen says:

    Turbo Fruits are like a Disney executive’s idea of what a “dangerous” rock and roll band would sound like. Compared to some other Nashville bands (Natural Child, JtB, etc.), they’re downright tame. And yes, “Sweet Thang” is ridiculously cheesy.

    • Jordan Canio says:

      Disagree. While the song isn’t their strongest, they are far from that whole Disney executive analogy. Give “Broadzilla” or “Colt .45” a listen.

      • Stephen says:

        I’ve heard both of those tracks. Not impressed. I might have overstated my case with the Disney analogy, but my point is that everything TF do seems really calculated to project a certain image of bro-tastic rebelliousness that’s off-putting to me. They seem very disingenuous, like frat boys who traded their Aeropostale t-shirts for faux-vintage Urban Outfitters gear. “Mama’s Mad…” was pretty good, though, I’ll give you that.

      • Jordan Canio says:

        Nah man, you got it wrong. I’ve met a lot of disingenuous people within the Nashville scene (so many it makes you consider buying a gun) but that’s not the case with these dudes. They’re hard working and genuinely try to make music that they want to make. But if you don’t dig the music, you don’t dig the music. To each his own in that regard.

  2. Stephen says:

    Maybe they are genuinely passionate about what they do (I don’t know them personally, I’m just speculating here), but if that’s the case, they sure are passionate about being mediocre. Their music almost literally bores me to tears. Every song is mindlessly repetitive, the lyrics are inane and generic, and all the riffs are rehashed from 60’s garage bands. I guess the reason that I care enough to argue about this is that the modern incarnation of TF is made up of guys from two bands who really WERE fresh and exciting (BYOP and The Tits). It seems like such a waste.

  3. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog! In musical solidarity. BRMC!

  4. lifelongnashvillian@gmail.com says:

    the guy saying turbo fruits are fake and jeff the bhood and natural child are real- lol. jeff the brotherhood is the biggest pussy rich kid band in all of nashville of all fucking time. the only people who like them here are the people who benefit from their success. natural child are fucking awesome. but so are turbo fruits- is the new stuff way poppier? yes, are they fake? no. you got that all wrong. fuck the rich ass infintycat kids in leather jackets their daddies bought them, not the real bands. you got it all wrong dude.

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