Harmony Korine Makes the Black Keys Get Weird

It’s been a couple of months since the Black Keys released the official video for “Gold on the Ceiling,” but before we got the version that seems like it was meant for ages 2 and up, there was word that another version of the video was made. What really spiked interest in this version was when it was announced that local nut-job filmmaker Harmony Korine directed it. If you have no idea who Korine is, go see Gummo. Korine has this talent for writing stories and making films that are so disturbing, yet intriguing at the same time. It’s like a car accident you can’t look away from and definitely not for the weak stomached. Either see that, Kids, or watch this interview below to get what I’m talking about.

Yeah, he’s a strange one, but he makes cool shit. So when the news was that Korine and the Black Keys were going to make a music video, I wondered if it would even make it past the record executives. Seeing as how the video that was released with the single was pretty conventional, I figured they pussied out and returned to their age-old pattern of playing it safe. Details would slip out over the past few months, with Dan and Patrick explaining that the video involved them strapped in Baby Bjorns to giant doubles of themselves played by Belmont Basketball players along with a cameo appearance by the ATL Twins (yeah, it sounds like Korine). The video was never given a release date….until a few hours ago. You can watch Korine use the Black Keys to do what he does best: make people go “what the fuck” a whole lot. Check out the video below.

A Film By Harmony Korine – Gold on the Ceiling – the Black Keys

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