The Black Lips Play Third Man Records This Monday

I had heard that this was going to happen a couple of weeks ago, but I quickly forgot about it due to the amount of alcohol consumed that night. That hangover has been replaced by many others since, but the news of this show has just resurfaced on my radar. Next Monday (June 11th), the Black Lips are returning to Nashville to put on a post-Bonnaroo show in Jack White’s living room.

Last time the Lips played Nashville, it was a bit of a lackluster show. There weren’t too many people around and the band didn’t seem to think it was that cool either since they didn’t bother with an encore. This time will probably draw more of a crowd since we all know those certain Jack White fan boys will flock to Third Man to lick the floor he walks on. Plus, Third Man is loud as hell, which is always good for the energy in the room. The raging alcoholic in me has to bring up the fact that there is no bar in Third Man. It wouldn’t be as bad if they didn’t ban pre-gaming in the parking lot as well. What’s up with that, Jack? Have you ever tried to sit through Cheap Time or DJ Nashville’s Dead sober? Fuck that noise. Aside from that, it seems like this show will treat the Black Lips better and hopefully, they’ll treat the audience better (maybe by dropping that “Go Out and Get It” shit and replace it with this gem instead).

The show is ten bucks. If you want to kick it, buy me a drink, play hide the pickle or punch me in the face (the latter two usually go together), I’ll be there. Until then, check out a couple of the band’s other songs below.

New Direction – the Black Lips

Mad Dog – the Black Lips

4 Responses to “The Black Lips Play Third Man Records This Monday”
  1. joolsholland says:

    why did natural child get kicked off this show?

  2. joolsholland says:

    is that really the reason?

    really,third man is lame.

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