Glen Campbell’s Final Music Video

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the fact that I listen to the great music I do is a miracle. I never had an older brother to show me the way and my parents’ state of mind on going to concerts was “why do that when you can just buy the CD and listen to it at home.” Yes, I have wondered if I was adopted numerous times. Did my parents have their moments? Absolutely. My dad bought me Nevermind when I was 10 (which seems like a huge contradiction now: my dad giving me gunpowder to fuel my later teenage angst. Makes a lot of sense…) and my mom showed me the Stones on the car rides to elementary school in the morning. However, these aforementioned car rides were like playing Russian Roulette. Most mornings, I’d have the horror of sitting through Bon Jovi or Amy Grant. Seriously, I heard that fucking “It’s My Life” song so many times, I can’t wait til Bon Jovi dies so I can say “yeah, you didn’t live forever, did ya, you fucker.” But there were exactly 2 CD’s in our old station wagon that did not make me want to commit pre-teen suicide. The first was the Rolling Stones Greatest Hits and the other was Glen Campbell’s Greatest Hits. Keep in mind, I’ve never been a big country fan by any means. However, even at a young age, I could hear Campbell had a strong level of sincerity that wasn’t present when I heard a Faith Hill or whoever the hell was popular when I was 9. Even if it was music my ears weren’t ready for or my brain couldn’t fully comprehend, I could tell there was something else to it.

Okay, enough of going off on a tangent. The real reason for this post is the fact that Campbell, who is retiring now because of his Alzheimer’s (which by the way, that’s how you spell it, not All Timers), has released his final music video. It is a look back on his legacy and drops hints at his disease. While it is pretty sad at points, it shows that Campbell isn’t afraid of what’s to come. He did his time, lived an incredible life, and is just grateful for the whole experience. We should all be so lucky. So without further ado, here’s the final video for Glen Campbell. Farewell, good sir. If nothing else, you definitely helped make elementary school car rides a better place for me.

Better Place – Glen Campbell

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