Interview: The Hussy

After a little over a year, it was great to see my buddies Bobby and Heather of the Hussy come into town again. Besides being able to put on one of the best live shows I’ve seen all year, they’re genuinely cool people who can shoot the shit about music, guitars, and how Jack White’s gonna regret naming his album “Blunderbuss” one day. Having just wrapped up a lengthy tour, they are loaded with tour stories. I would have interviewed them that night, but I was pretty out of it after that show. I did manage to get a video of them doing “Demon Claus”, but since Ryan is still in South America getting load on coke and trying not to drink the water, the footage is not exactly what you’d call professional. It’s better than nothing though. Anyways, after that night, I sent them a couple of questions via email and they responded pretty quickly. They shoot the shit about current and long terms plans, how they’ve turned the work “turkey” into slang, and how they almost burnt down a club in New York. Check it out.

Why did you name the band The Hussy?

Bobby – We named the band the Hussy cuz I wrote it down on a list and originally I had the idea for Dirty Little Hussy because of some girls AOL Screen Name. Then we thought it sounded better just as The Hussy. I checked if there were any other “The Hussy” bands on the internet and there were not. So yeah.

Best venue you played at?

Heather – Spiderhouse in Austin, The End in Nashville, Rendevous in Seattle, and the Hemlock in San Francisco. I can’t nail it down to just one.

Best bands you’ve played with?

Heather – Night Beats and The Pharmacy in Seattle, The Well in Austin, Foster Care in Brooklyn, Vacation Club in Indy.. I know I’m forgetting a lot! Sorry!

What happened in New York?

Bobby – I lit a guitar on fire in a packed room, which seems harmless enough…haha. Like 100 kids there to see us, Foster Care and Pampers. It was a great show. Then a dude from Foster Care decided to try to light the bottle of lighter fluid on fire and in the excitement he ended up lighting himself on fire and burning himself pretty badly. He threw the bottle down (which at this point was on fire, and it was a fresh bottle). Once it hit the ground it split open and the whole place evacuated. After the dude from Foster Care tried to put it out with beer (which just spread the fire more), the owner of the club came out and put it out with a fire extinguisher. Then he hugged me and said “I fucking love you!”. Mind you that the whole time this dude from Foster Care is bleeding from his OTHER hand because during their set he punched a brick wall as hard as he could. PUNK AS FUCK.

Have you ever burnt your guitar?

Bobby – My guitar has been charred and singed quite a bit, but it’s still playable. The electronics work….albeit rudimentarily (the guitar either is on or off. there is no tone adjustment or pickup switches that work on it anymore). That sums up the band quite a bit if you think about it. Full bore or nothing at all.

Do you play for blood or performance?

Heather – I drink blood, then perform.

What’s up with you guys and turkeys?

Bobby – I don’t know. It just came about because of my dog but now it’s slowly morphing into Ferret talk. haha. Turkey will always be the original slang and it can mean anything. Being turked is being under the influence of your vice of choice. haha.

What’s the most “turked” you’ve ever been?

Heather – The most turked out I have ever been was when I spent Thanksgiving at a friend’s house. She had a gravity bong and I took a monster rip and very shorty after, the room started spinning. I wandered out onto the porch and passed out. I couldn’t move. That is the most turked out i have ever been.

What is music to you?

Bobby – Music is a way to not be insane. I play music with my best friend and we do it for fun. Putting out records is our favorite thing to do. Playing is right there next to it, usually they go hand in hand…at least for us they do. haha.

Who’s the better singer?

Heather – Bobby is the better singer. He’s got a good scream.

Bobby – I highly disagree with H’s response about my voice…haha. She’s got a great great voice and can sing anything perfectly on key…

Is it true you’ve never put out a CD? How come?

Heather – I personally like vinyl better, the whole package of it. CD’s have no heart.

What’s your opinion on other two piece bands like the White Stripes, the Black Keys and Death From Above 1979?

Bobby – They don’t suck. They don’t rule either. Two-piece bands are limiting but for us it’s what we do. I love it and wouldn’t change this band at all.

The Stooges or the Ramones?

Bobby – Stooges for me definitely seem quite a bit more exciting in general. They’re more wild and more unhinged and dangerous. Or so it seems. The Ramones are a great pop band. The Hussy is obviously about loving both Punk and Pop so this is really too hard to completely say. But if i have to pick one, it’s probably the Stooges.

Bands to check out…

Bobby – The Well, North Dakota, The Pharmacy, Night Beats, The Bermudas, Anything related to Ryan Wong (Destruction Unit, Earthmen & Strangers, etc), The Shrills, Vacation Club, The Midwest Beat….do I need to keep going? I can…

The worst band out there right now is…..

Heather – Nickelback. Garbage.

Do you think Dubstep will go the route of Nu-Metal?

Bobby – What the fuck is Dubstep?

How do you put out so many records a year?

Heather – Me and Bobby are always writing songs. By the time we finish recording a batch of 20 or so songs, we’ve already written about 20 more. so yeah, lots and lots of writing.

Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years? The next five months? The next five days?

Bobby – Wisconsin. Not sure where I’ll be in five years, but for the next few months I’ll be holed up in my house recording and working on the new record. We’ll be doing a lot of drum tracks/working at our practice space too, but then I’ll spend a lot of time doing overdubs/guitars/mixing at my house. Should be a good time, a lot of work, but still a good time!

Thanks dudes! If that wasn’t enough to get acquainted with the Hussy, check out the video of “Demon Claus” and “Undefined” below.

Demon Claus – the Hussy

Undefined – the Hussy

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