Bad Cop and Turbo Fruits Ready Split, Release New Tunes

I was going to do this in two different posts, but since both bands are releasing music on the same split, I figured why not get two birds stoned at once? First up, they may be taking a break from playing shows, but since it’s against the band’s nature to remain idle, Bad Cop had to release something sooner or later. Well that something came in the form of a music video for “Wet Lips.”

Wet Lips – Bad Cop

You might remember them releasing this tune as a demo about a year and a half ago. The song’s been kicked around in their live set for a good bit now, but they have finally decided to release a studio version that fucking rips. Oh yeah, and the video is awesome too. If you like trippy live footage accompanied by a babe rolling on the ground in her underwear, then this one’s for you. After following the band for about 3 years, I gotta say this is the best music video they’ve done so far. I gotta give credit to Seth Graves for that one. Dude knows exactly what he’s doing.

Also appearing on this split is Turbo Fruits. These dudes have been keeping busy. For the past two months, they’ve been on the road with Deer Tick, playing shows across the country and trying not to lose their minds because of endless hours in a van. They just got home for a well deserved break, but before they get ready to open the flood gates in September for the release of their third LP, Butter, they’re joining Bad Cop on this split. They’ve let Prefix premiere their song to be included, “Love Tennessee.” As you can probably guess, it’s basically a love song for their home state.

Last summer, Jonas told me that the new songs would be more dynamic in songwriting. The sound is definitely fuller and the melodies are more out in the open than on their previous records, yet the lyrics still retain the “good time” vibe that the band has been known for. Even if you can’t dig that or the lyrics, there’s no denying that these dudes have an ear for melodies and the opening one will get you hooked.

Bad Cop is currently hold up at Battle Tapes, recording an EP with Cage the Elephant’s Brad Schultz and still working on their second LP, set for a release early next year. According to Adam, the EP will not sound like “the same old 60’s garage crap.” Interesting. As for Turbo Fruits, Butter is set to be released September 11th. Yo, Jonas and Kingsley, send me that shit! I want a copy of it before the peasants. The split comes out July 31st, but you can pre-order it HERE. Don’t sleep on it kids.

One Response to “Bad Cop and Turbo Fruits Ready Split, Release New Tunes”
  1. Chris says:

    Missed that Turbo Fruits track — weird loopy transitions that I wasn’t really expecting. Split should be sick.

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