Blur Debuts Two New Singles Today

I love Blur, but they’re what we call a cock tease. One minute, they’re playing shows and releasing a single and documentary (which is one of the best I’ve seen in years; see it if you haven’t. The next minute, Damon Albarn calls it quits. Then, shows pop up and recording is rumored. Next, Albarn calls it quits and denies it. Then they’re recording, then they’re not. See a pattern here? However, it appears that the band is going to stop dicking us around for a little bit and is set to release not one, but two singles today.

The songs have been titled “the Puritan” and “Under the Westway,” the latter has been making rounds at carious Albarn junctures this year. The band is set to debut these songs on a live broadcast over Twitter. Apparently, they’re going to give the performance on some random rooftop in London. No word on whether it’ll be a full show or not, but I’ll definitely be watching. I really dug their last single, “Fool’s Day”, so let’s see what the band has been up to two years later

You can get more info on the band’s Twitter page. A box set is set to released soon as well, so maybe the band really is getting back together. Albarn’s a flake, but maybe the upcoming shows will convince him to stop wasting time on opera’s and his 500 other unnecessary projects. You can check out one version of “Under the Westway” below, along with their last official single, “Fools Day.”

Under the Westway – Blur

Fool’s Day – Blur

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