Spiritualized Make Video For “Little Girl”

I don’t really need to restate this again, but working in a juvenile court all day has made me how slow you kids are nowadays, so a repeat seems necessary: Spiritualized fucking rules and apparently Jason Spaceman cannot be killed by anything (whether it is heroin or chemo, the man soldiers on). The show they played on my birthday in May was fucking phenomenal and I think it was the show of the year. I’m biased but they did play “Walking With Jesus” on my 22nd birthday, so fuck you, I’m allowed to be. Anyways, the band is still going strong and continuing to by releasing a new video for the song “Little Girl.”

Little Girl – Spiritualized

The video follows the same disturbing suit of the last one, “Hey Jane.” Forget all of the Jesus talk, its always been obvious that Spaceman is a member of the First Church of the Velvet Underground with pastor Brian Wilson at the podium. This is not only evidenced in his music, but also the evidenced in his music videos, which could be pulled straight out of the mind of William S Burroughs. The video shows a young girl wanting to get out of her bumfuck nowhere town and she does it in traditional rebel fashion: she steals a bike, gets drunk in random hotel rooms, falls in with the wrong crowd, gets roofied and continues her trip with absolutely no direction. It’s a great addition to an already great catalog.

If you haven’t already picked up their latest album, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. If you need convincing, check out some other great songs from the album below.

Hey Jane – Spiritualized

I Am What I Am – Spiritualized

So Long You Pretty Thing – Spiritualized

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