Ultras S/C Debut First Track

I didn’t have high expectations for this band. There’s mainly two reasons. First, Jemina Pearl. Don’t get me wrong, I dug a couple of Be Your Own Pet songs (except for the ones that got a bit silly) and thought she had a set of lungs on her. However, I never got why she had a bratty attitude when it’s almost universally agreed upon (except for Thurston Moore, but he doesn’t respect the Rolling Stones, so fuck him) that she made a solo album that was more cringeworthy than nails on the chalkboard. Second, while Ben Swank has his moments when he writes for the Scene, he  has to be partially responsible for not telling Jack White at least once not to put out some of the shit records that Third Man does. So the cards aren’t exactly stacked in their favor to begin with. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that I knew that Jeremy Ferguson of Battle Tapes Recording (which has put out some of the ballsey-ist (not a word, but fuck off) records to come out of Nashville) was behind the producing realm on this fucker, I wouldn’t have given it the time of day. Luckily, I did.

The track is a good mixture of noise rock and blues. Swank’s drum beats and cymbal crashes mimic beer bottles being thrown across the room while Chet Weise  proves that he is more than proficient at the guitar. The howls of his guitar remind me of Grinderman and this trades off well with Pearl’s kicking-and-screaming vocals. See, this is where she belongs: screaming her guts out into a microphone, not doing some cheesy pop duet with Iggy Pop. Overall, it’s a good fun track and a very pleasant surprise.

Will this band be Pearl’s comeback? Will it help Swank be known as something else beside Jack White’s bitch boy? If they keep up this pace and put out more cool tracks like this, I’d say it’s very possible.

7 Responses to “Ultras S/C Debut First Track”
  1. bigmerl says:

    hahahaha jesus jordan. the most back handed compliment ever hahaa, true though, i can’t call ya a bad dude for just being real and sayin what everyone says about the bar about these people on the net, mean but funny haha.

  2. Leper Convict says:

    You are obviously a massive cockhead. No wonder you only have 167 followers with shit articles like this. Subjective (attempted) journalism from some alt-douche with a chip on his shoulder.

  3. hersuri says:

    Did you confuse Ben Swank with Ben Blackwell or something?

  4. darkie says:

    “it’s almost universally agreed upon that she made a solo album that was more cringeworthy than nails on the chalkboard” – Haha, no it’s not. Her solo album had mostly favourable reviews (good review in the NYTimes, 7.0 from P4k, a 4 out of 5 from SPIN, etc.). Sorry to break it to ya, but your personal taste =/= what the universe agrees upon.

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