Introducing Western Medicine

It’s been stated over and over again, but since many people still don’t get it, I feel it’s worth restating: the Nashville music scene can get monotonous. Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of great bands, but at times, it feels like a sea of psuedo-punks who are more content wearing leather jackets and making shitty Joy Division covers than actually making their own tunes. So when a band comes along that’s actually good, it’s a breath of fresh air in a place that can start to stink from its own bullshit. Here’s where Western Medicine enters the picture.

Western Medicine is made up of some familiar faces. The project is primarily the brain child of Justin Landis (Cannonmen). Landis writes most of the songs while Kevin “Danger” Bone and Adam Moult of Bad Cop write their parts for guitar and drums, respectively. All of them have played in punk bands before, but that’s not entirely what this band sounds like. In my opinion, they’re like Joy Division, Jane’s Addiction (when they were cool and writing songs about whores and Perry Farrell wasn’t tripping from acid flashbacks), The Jesus and Mary Chain, and reverb-soaked surf rock….all chaotically thrown together but the end result is great. Their song “Satellite” sounds like punk in space, which like I said, is a breath of fresh air. They’ve toured with Ranch Ghost and Bad Cop and played about 3 shows in Nashville, but I’ve only seen them live twice: their debut at Mt. Swag and their show with the Hussy. They struggled a bit the first show, but by their second time, they were tighter and had grown more into their sound. Chicks are noticing it too. At the last show, I accidently walked in on Danger playing stinky pinky with two girls at the same time. Scale-wise, they were both 5’s but as Danger told me, “Dude, two 5’s DEFINITELY equals a 10. It’s like basic math and shit.” Well-played, sir.

Their debut 7″ was recorded at Battle Tapes with Jeremy Ferguson. They are currently recording another at Talk Box Rodeo with Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant. They plan on releasing them sometime this year via Jeffery Drag, but you can preview the demos they recorded at Mt. Swag earlier this year below. Seeing as how they’ll only be playing a handful of shows in the winter, it might be your only chance to hear these tunes until then. So shit your pants and jump in, kids. You won’t regret it.

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