Mini Mansions Release “…Besides…”

It’s cliche as fuck to say “no one sounds like this band right now,” but that’s a risk I’m willing to take with this one. No one sounds like Mini Mansions right now. This may be due to the band’s unique set up which involves only three members and minimalist drums, bass, piano and every once in a while, guitar. They forge all of this together to create music that ranges from really catchy to extremely trippy and sometimes, both. They’ve been one of my favorite bands to come out this decade and I’ve been dying to hear new music since their 2010 debut. I guess it’s my lucky day, because they’ve just released a B-sides record, appropriately titled …BESIDES… and like I thought, it’s cool as fuck.

The release is comprised of 3 tracks that were originally recorded for the 2010 debut. Just cause they are b-sides doesn’t mean that they are throwaways. These songs also show why MM are a band to be watched and have received recognition from bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Foster the People. The band is pulling a Radiohead with this one, asking you to name your own price for the tracks. Since funding probably goes towards making their next album, you probably should drop them a buck or two so we can hear more sooner. You also have the option of buying the really limited 7″ of the EP that comes with two other tracks. Either way, you should definitely check out this band whether it’s the EP or the tracks I post below. Hopefully, we’ll hear more soon.

Majik Marker – Mini Mansions

Monk – Mini Mansions

One Response to “Mini Mansions Release “…Besides…””
  1. crankypants says:

    they have a bit of a late-era Beatles sound to me. I like it.

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