Bob Dylan Readies 35th Studio Album, Tempest

I hate to sound redundant after the last post, but honestly, what else can you say about Bob Dylan? The man is 71 years old, still making music and still touring like no other. That’s impressive alone, but it’s even more impressive that his musical output is STILL pretty damn good. I really dug Together Through Life  and found the Christmas album to be pretty fucking funny. Only a man who has sold his soul to the devil can get away with that.

So blah blah blah, Dylan rules. To show that he’s still going to keep up his pact with Lucifer, he’s releasing another album September 10th, Tempest. He’s released the tracklist (see below) and is planning to hit the road again as well. According to early reports, the album is supposed to be pretty dark and time hasn’t weathered Zimmerman’s poetic streak. He’s set to premiere two new songs on some TV show called Strike Back: Vengence on Cinemax. Seeing as how I don’t have Cinemax and I doubt the TV show is any good, I’ll probably wait for the songs to pop up online. However, you can hear a new song in the previews for the season premiere of the show below.

It does recycle an old blues riff, but that doesn’t really affect my bias too much. I think this album will be pretty fucking good. September 10th can’t get here soon enough. Until then, check out the tracklisting and some of my other favorite Bob Dylan songs/clips below.


1. “Duquesne Whistle”

2. “Soon After Midnight”

3. “Narrow Way”

4. “Long and Wasted Years”

5. “Pay in Blood”

6. “Scarlet Town”

7. “Early Roman Kings”

8. “Tin Angel”

9. “Tempest”

10. “Roll On John”

Things Have Changed – Bob Dylan

It’s All Good – Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan Playing with Words

Bob Dylan Getting Threatened

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