Gallon Drunk Are Cool as Fuck

Aside from getting a couple of press releases from these guys, I never knew what they were all about. I thought their name was a bit much and that was probably the reason I didn’t take them too seriously. For everyone who says that I shouldn’t be judgmental regarding a name, when you get a shit ton of press releases a day from bands whos names range from The Monroes to Rainbow Kitty Kitty, being biased just helps cut down on the bullshit. However, what I didn’t know was that their frontman James Johnston was in Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds for a good bit. Seeing as how I’ve been on a Nick Cave kick since the reissues came out, I gave Gallon Drunk a chance when I was sent their new album, The Road Gets Darker From Here.

I can see why Nick Cave picked Johnston as a touring guitarist. Gallon Drunk has all the elements of Cave’s first band, the Birthday Party, but with a little more organization. The band brands themselves as psychobilly mixed with swamp rock. The grooving basslines and horn arrangments keep you in a trance. The only thing that breaks this is the howling guitars that sound like they are spitting hell fire with every bend. It’s music to bang hookers to and then do cocaine off of their tits with. This ain’t no sunshine and rainbows music. There are no happy endings to it, but there’s a certain charm to that: Gallon Drunk capture the beauty of being absolutely fucked.

Apparently the album will be available for purchase August 10th across the pond, and in the US on September 11th. This album was a good introduction for me and makes me want to find out more about this band. If anyone wants to  dropbox me any more of their albums, let me know in the comments section. Until then, check out some of my favorite tracks from the album below.

Hanging on – Gallon Drunk

Big Breakdown – Gallon Drunk

Killing Time – Gallon Drunk

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