Ty Segall Debuts “The Hill”

I’ve written up Ty Segall enough times that you guys should know what’s up by now. Even when I overplay his music and get bored of it, he releases something new that peaks my interest again. I guess that’s what separates him from all of the other so-called garage rockers out there nowadays: he gradually changes his style little by little and refuses to always rely on the same old “3 chords and a shit ton of reverb” shtick. He continues this by releasing “The Hill,” his first single to his proper solo album follow up to Goodbye Bread, titled Twins. On a scale of one to ten, it’s an absolute shit kicker.

It starts off with a group of acappela backup singers singing the first few lines, which threw me off cause, well, it’s Ty Segall. He hasn’t utilized that kind of stuff before. He then jumps head first into it with a sonic progression that I can easily see leveling his entire audience. There’s plenty of his traditional feedback and fucked up solos, but it doesn’t feel like he’s repeating himself. He’s learning how to incorporate new elements into his music (the back up singers are a big part of that list) and like I said before, it makes his music still interesting.

Twins is due out October 9th on Drag City. If you don’t already know, he’ll be playing a show here in Nashville September 20th with Thee Oh Sees, Useless Eaters and more. I thought Ben Todd would stop sucking his own dick long enough to put on a great show, but unfortunately, D. Watusi is also on that bill. Damn. Oh well. Anyways, you can check out a couple more songs from Segall below.

Where Your Mind Goes – Ty Segall

#1 – Ty Segall

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