Soulsavers – “Take Me Back Home” Video

Soulsavers are some of the best composers to come out of England in a good bit. They have found a strange and interesting way to combine elements of electronic music with hints of rock and make the overall product sound like gospel. I’m not talking “praise the Lord,” kind of gospel. Think of it in the same vein of Johnny Cash’s “I’m a sinner, I’m going to hell, if there’s a God, give me another chance” kind of gospel. If church music sounded more like this, I’d probably still be going to church. Anyways, I dug their past two albums, which both featured the vocals of the one and only Mark Lanegan. Those records sounded like straight up hell-fire at times.

Paper Money -Soulsavers feat. Mark Lanegan

For their latest album The Light the Dead See, Lanegan was too preoccupied with his own solo album to cut vocal tracks, so the band brought in someone else: Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan. I grew up with Depeche Mode since my dad had their greatest hits and would blare them in the car over and over and over again. Since songs like “I Just Can’t Get Enough” traumatized my childhood, I could never really say I was a fan. That was until I went through my dad’s CD collection once and found 1990’s Violater. I threw it on and was impressed. It was dark as hell, which ironically is just what I needed to suppress the songs I had heard in my childhood. So since then, I’ve had respect for the band, even if I don’t dig everything they do.

However, when I threw on this album (The Light the Dead See), I couldn’t get into it. I felt like I was about to fall asleep whenever I tried to give it a proper chance and kind of dismissed it. Then I saw the video for “Take Me Back Home,” which was released about a month ago and I gotta say, it was a really done video for a really well done song.

Take Me Back Home – Soulsavers

The video is well shot and I dig the story a lot. Like most of the Soulsavers’s songs, it can be quite depressing. However, we all know that life’s not always full of sunshine and at least they make good music to accompany the cloudy days. Either way,  I think I might need to give this album another chance. You can check out a few more songs from the album below. These Brits are stingy on American tour dates, so unforutnately, I don’t think they’ll be rolling through anytime soon. Bummer.

Take – Soulsavers

Tonight – Soulsavers

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