The Growlers Ready “Hung At Heart”

Looks we finally have some solid news about when the Growlers are finally gonna release some new music. While the band has been making their rounds around the country, little has been known about when they were going to release their long awaited LP produced by Dan Auerbach last fall. It seemed even odder when JEFF’s record saw the light of day before theirs did. Nevertheless, they just announced yesterday that they will release a different LP, Hung at Heart, on November 13th.

The band apparently recorded this album on their own in Costa Mesa. According to SPIN, the Dan album has been indefinitely shelved but they decided not to spend their time sitting on their hands and went with plan B. Good on them. A lot of bands wouldn’t have budged. To reassure us new tunes are on the way, they released a new studio cut, “One Million Lovers.” They’ve taken to calling themselves “Beach Goths” nowadays, and once I heard the new tune, that made a lot of sense. The sequenced organ matches  nicely with their reverbed drench guitar fills. The track still retains the Growlers “lost at sea feeling” with the help of Nielsen’s vocals. It makes me think this album will show how their sound is evolved over the past two years.

You can hear the track over on SPIN’s page. Yeah, I hate linking them to anything, but they’re about to go under as it is so you might as well drop a quarter in their life support system. Can’t wait to hear the finished product. Hopefully they’ll come back through Nashville again. Sorry the last show sucked dudes, but that’s what happens when you play 12th and Porter. Check out a few more tracks below.

What It Is – The Growlers

Good Feelings – The Growlers

2 Responses to “The Growlers Ready “Hung At Heart””
  1. dan isn’t a good producer. the jeff record sucked, but they put it out. Growlers record sucked..they didn’t, good on them.

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