John Peel Shows Hit the Internet

Many people have not heard of John Peel. Quick history lesson: he was a British radio presenter who specialized in playing good music. His record collection was vast and an audiophile’s wet dream (you can see the archives HERE). He was so good at his job, he was BBC’s longest running DJ’s. If you follow a band heavily like Nirvana, Joy Division, the Pixies, Pink Floyd or others, you might notice that some of their deep cuts include tracks labeled “The Peel Sessions.” These tracks (usually 4 were cut) were recorded and played at the BBC Studios during Peel’s radio show. Ever since his death, tracks of his show have hit the net, but never at a high magnitude. Until now.

Some Soundcloud user by the name of +dB has taken the liberty to upload 458 shows on the web. This extensive collection covers Peel’s early days on pirate radio all the way up to his final broadcast. For any fans of good music, this is fucking golden, considering how Peel’s ear for good music barely waned at all over the years. You can give the tracks a listen below. If you want to coordinate where one live session is, try using this Wikipedia page to find the sessions you want. Seeing how it’s over 900 hours worth of tunes and they are ALL available to download, you shouldn’t need much new music for a good bit. I’m gonna grab the Nirvana ones quick.

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