Shitlist Vol. 7

Well folks, the moment you have all been waiting for (unless you’re in a band that sucks) has finally arrived. Vol. 7 is ready to go. Did you really think I’d let this thing die off? C’mon, a broken wrist isn’t going to slow me down. Plus, there’s too many egos that need to be busted. Unfortunately, Jon is too busy with his band right now to add his thoughts to this list, so I’ve gotten my buddy Ceebs to help contribute to this list of shit. She makes Stuff n Such history by being the first female contributor to the list. Finally, this thing isn’t a complete sausage fest. But without further ado, here we go:

– The Smashing Pumpkins released a new album. Billy Corgan sucks in general nowadays, but he continues to find new ways to hit new lows. Someone pointed this out to me the other day, but he’s reached this newer low by ripping off a song by British pop singer/fucktard Robyn. Listen to one of Corgan’s newer tracks “One Diamond, One Heart” (after 20 years, how does he still manage to come up with the most asinining song titles?) with Robyn’s “Hang With Me.”

One Diamond, One Heart

Hang With Me

– Damn, country music is getting a lot dumber. The past two chicks I’ve dated were in love with it. One of them wanted to listen to it real bad when we were driving and put on the country station. We were about 2 minutes into it until the lines “I’m gonna go home and cook me some fried chicken” came on and I started laughing like no other. I thought that was a low point but I guess I was wrong cause I can already see a bunch of drunk white trash hicks singing along to this shit. Fuck that.

– The frontman from Snow Patrol who paid Noel Gallagher a shit ton of money so he could be put on the bill of their upcoming tour is going to appear on the show Game of Thrones. I’m not into all of that fantasy shit, but if this dork gets beheaded or ripped to shreds by dragons, I’d consider watching an episode.

– Kreayshawn makes me want to kill myself. She sounds like Ke$ha, but looks like Amy Winehouse without the talent. Let’s hope she gets a drug problem.

– Mariah Carey signed an 18 million dollar deal to be on American Idol. Nick Cannon is definitely bottom bitch in that relationship.

– Apparently Korn doing a dubstep album wasn’t enough for their fucktard lead singer Jonathan Davis. He had to go get himself an “alter ego” by the name of J Devil and start making his own dubstep music. It’s even worse than it sounds. He tries to rap over it and prances around the stage like the kid in high school who acted weird but you wouldn’t make fun of him because you couldn’t tell if he was weird or actually just retarded. Check out the video below for an example. Is it me or does he sound like he’s gearing up for a WWF match before he plays his set. Let’s hope someone really slams his head into something later.

– Dave Mustaine and Ted Nugent are fighting neck and neck for the title of biggest fucktard of the year award. I’m not even an Obama fan, but the shit they are saying is the very definition of idiotic. From Mustaine saying that Obama orchestrated the shootings in Auora to Nugent saying that the United States would have been better if the South had won the Civil War, these dudes have proved that they barely have the intelligence to pump gas, let alone to discuss politics. Too bad this battle for biggest fucktard isn’t a battle to the death.

– Gerard Butler (the dude from 300) is apparently taking the same lame ass road that Jared Leto, Jack Black, Keanu Reeves, Ryan Gosling, and Johnny Depp have been trying to cash in on for years. Yep, dude’s gonna try to be a rockstar now. Word on the street, Depp took a break from being Tim Burton’s bitch boy long enough to help mentor Butler’s transition into the rock world by introducing him to Marilyn Manson and Jack Black for “advice.” Really? You’re gonna try and take advice on how to make good music from a dude in clown make up and a dude who’s achubby clown without make up? That’s like getting Nick Cage and that chick from Twilight to give you acting lessons. Pass.

– Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroegar are getting married. Musically, their kid will be the Anti-Christ. And not in a good way.

– Word on the street is that the Black Belles have finally called it quits. Raise your hand if you’re bummed. Didn’t think so.

– I really tried to like the Ultras S/C. However, while they had one or two decent songs when I saw them the other night at Foo Bar, their set almost made my ears bleed. Also, Ben Swank might as well be Meg White’s understudy. Dude can’t drum to save his life. What a letdown.

6 Responses to “Shitlist Vol. 7”
  1. Shama Peng-Su Pierrenova says:

    You obviously do not know Ben or any of the ND affiliates. Those are nice, open people who want little more than to bring Nashville’s music scene some recognition. ND is a huge reason many of the bands you like even consider Nashville for touring.

    I’m all for shit talking, but make judgements off what you know not what you assume. And of course someone paid Noel Gallagher… He and Snow Patrol are major artists and this is their business. Both artists probably played a pretty small role in the process, anyway.

    I appreciate your blog. I do not often agree with you and many of your opinions seem based around your interpersonal relationships with friends and/or weightless hatred for complete strangers whom you have observed on occasion. That said, I like that you feel comfortable enough to share your opinion openly (well as open as one can through a blog). I also dig your romanticized view of music. Everything seems a bit more grand than the reality of what you are writing about.

    • Jordan Canio says:

      Sorry, but those kids are faker than Tara Reid’s tits (probably just as botched as well). Ask Ben Todd about the Jemina Pearl posters that he used to deface around Glenn Danzig’s house but then took down when she came to town. You’d better believe that he was kissing her ass like it was ice cream soon after. I don’t have a problem with Nashville’s Dead promoting bands and such, but that kid is such an insincere kiss-ass, it blows the whole thing. Especially the punk mentality they try so desperately to portray.
      That whole Noel-Snow Patrol deal was a joke. The money, at least. I still despise SP.
      And thanks for the kind words, even though they feel slightly back handed.

  2. belmont4ever says:

    ^false, ND and crew are from BRENTWOOD TENNESSEE (its like fucking beverly hills, youd have to search for a home under a mill HARD)

    Those kids are rich spoiled assholes in leather jackets, who want fame. daddy fills the tour bus up, and they go get shit housed playing songs about the beach every fucking night for 20 people in a different state.

  3. bigman says:

    the nashvilles dead kids are rich little pieces of shit, its no secret. the way i was introduced to their founding members was at this shitty festy in gallatin last year, they tagged my friends bands name on the venue (which the venue had to pay to remove) with a penis, and told the venue my buddies band did it. (lame childish shit, for 100% no reason )… My buddy they’d been mocking approached cam ,ben, and some ginger faggot, all by himself aggressively (the ginger ran off because he was so scared), i watch them deny and lie about it as they shook like a gun was to their head. Hahaha fucking pussies. 3 on 1, and they shiver in fear. pathetic. They finally called my buddy a few days later and admitted to it and that they were scared and didn’t want people to think their jerks. Not that they were sorry, they were worried about their reputation. Lucky for them, my buddy was on probation, so that was the end of it. That was my first experience with these kids since attending high school is brentwood with them. Total cocksuckers, with no spine.

    Have you ever seen cruel intentions? its like that, but instead of sex, people want “garage fame”.

    • Shama Peng-Su Pierrenova says:

      @bigman, why do people comment on the financial situations of others on this blog? I’m friends with those guys and I can’t even say how well off/or financially unsound they are. Plus, even if their parents are wealthy, that does not mean they benefit. These guys all have a job(s), too. Even wealthy parents have a cutoff-point. Ben’s a humble dude and he puts a lot of his effort and money into other bands. I know from working with him that he does not take money from the door when he books. Last I checked, D. Watusi never asks for money, either–unless they are trying to fund a tour. Have you honestly experienced these guys? I’m not saying you have to like them, but the people you have described are very different than the guys I know.

      @Jordan, I did not mean what I said to come off as back-handed. Just trying to be direct and candid.

  4. bigman says:


    did you read my comment? that was my experience with them. watching them be very shitty for no reason to my friends, then very cowardly when caught red handed… after watching it all first hand, its extremely difficult to respect them. it made them look at them like a complete joke…mean, cowardly, and pretentious, yuck. maybe that band is cool, but from what i experienced, the 3 dudes in it are fucking jerks and a pussys. Thats also true about the poster of jemina, he mocks people, and then is kind to their face, and thinks no one knows. but it’s pretty well known. if you’re gonna be an asshole, have some balls. when you’re sneaky about it you look like eddy hascal.

    And the reason people comment on the financial situation is because no one is buying the “im a broke punk thing”, putting on a front about being poor is lame. and people are gonnna saying something.

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