Fly Golden Eagle Debuts “Devil’s Eye (Basilisk)” Music Video

I haven’t really heard much about this band. I remember seeing their set however long ago at Mt. Swag, but I was too out of my mind at that time to really give it the listen it deserved. Still, I also remember getting wind that they were going to be going on tour with the Alabama Shakes and were set to play Live on the Green soon. So when I finally decided to look them up, I couldn’t find much on them aside from a Facebook page that had no tunes on it (I later learned that there was another one that they had set up that had tunes). That intrigued me a bit. I like a band that runs on mystery and doesn’t let every dipshit with Comcast Internet (and no, I’m not referring to myself, cause obviously, I’m not a dipshit) just find out everything about them. It allows myths to grow and myths are what rock ‘n’ roll is really all about. A few weeks later, I came across their offering of tunes referred to as Swagger. While I was put off by the quality of the recordings at first (not lo-fi, but it sounds like they could sound more epic if they had the right producer behind the realm), after repeated listens, I realized they had potential. What sealed the deal for me was when they premiered their first music video the other day for the song “Devil’s Eye (Basilisk).” Armed with retro footage and a distorted live version of the song, it packed a punch that I sure as shit felt the next morning. You can check out said video below along with Swagger. Come see them at Live on the Green on Sept. 27th.

Devil’s Eye (Basilisk) – Fly Golden Eagle

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