Majestico Release Video for “Love Is God”, Play Release Show Saturday

Majestico seemed to have fallen off the map for a little bit on us, but that brief hiatus was necessary. The band has been hiding away, ironing out the details for their new EP. Now, they are ready to come out of hibernation and they’ve done that by announcing the release date to their new EP (Oct. 2 on Jeffrey Drag Records) and they’ve dropped a dope music video on us as well.

Love is God – Majestico

The video rules. If you’re into Aztec Gods, fire, smoke screens, birds, fire, shrines, and chicks ripping your heart out (literally) then this video is for you. It’s like Majestico went Apacalypto on our asses. As for the music, it starts off with a 13th Floor Elevators vibe, but quickly jumps into a glam rock vibe that a coked-out T-Rex would appreciate. It’ll get your girlfriend’s hips shaking. If these dudes are around though, you might wanna keep an eye on her.

They plan on playing a release show this Saturday at the Groove. They plan on releasing this song on a 7′ and the bill is stacked. Western Medicine, the Promised Land and Ranch Ghost are going to be kicking it off at 4 PM. Another special guest is supposed to make an appearance but that’s all hush-hush for now, I guess. If that doesn’t give you enough incentive, there’s also going to be FREE beer. And if you do the math, when there’s free beer, there will probably be free chicks. Check it out.

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