Turbo Fruits Release “Harley Dollar Bill$” Video

If you weren’t at Turbo Fruits album release party 2 Fridays ago, you shit the bed, my friend. The band was on fucking fire that night, tearing through a set that featured a lot of their new album and playing older hits like “Broadzilla” and stoner favorite “Volcano.” I don’t think a single person there didn’t have a good time. If you were there, then you also got the first look at the video that just released today for “Harley Dollar Bill$.” If you shit the bed, well, here it is for ya.

Harley Dollar Bill$ – Turbo Fruits

Pretty cool, right? The biker gang was at the show that night too. I was wondering who they were originally because most Turbo Fruits shows are filled with scrawny kids who can’t scrap to save their lives, not biker gangs. When I saw the video, it all made sense. The video doesn’t have a plot line, but it doesn’t need one. It’s all about escaping the bullshit of the world through cigarettes, whiskey, and of course, motorcycles. It captures that escapism feeling pretty well and definitely does justice to the song.

The band is in the process of shooting a video for “Sweet Thang” right now before hitting the road again. Their latest album Butter is out now and is probably the best thing that those dudes in Kings of Leon have put their stamp on in the past five years. If you don’t own it by now, fix that.

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