Brian Jonestown Massacre Release “Food For Clouds” Demo

Honestly, it gets harder and harder to listen to new music nowadays. While finding a gem amongst the ocean of bullshit is always like….well, finding a gem in an ocean of bullshit, sometimes, the search gets disheartening. I mean, why bother going through a sea of Kings of Leon or Ramones wannabes when there’s perfectly good older albums I haven’t gotten into yet? This past year seems to be one of those times. I discovered Spiritualized, Primal Scream and now, the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

I had already seen the cult doc Dig!, but I hadn’t really researched BJM after. I got into this band after getting my hands on a copy of Strung Out in Heaven, which I picked up simply because I heard the track “Wisdom” and the album title itself sounded pretty fucking cool. I fell in love with it and soon moved on to Give It Back. Now, I’m still in a state of discovery with the band and recently got turned onto DEADTV; this is a streaming show the infamous frontman Anton Newcombe does from his home in Berlin. From what I can tell, he uses it to stream shows and promote demos. With that said, he just released a new demo, “Food for Clouds” and it’s too good not to post.

Food For Clouds – Brian Jonestown Massacre

That riff has a really floaty feeling to it. It sounds like you’re either loaded on opiates or on the way up to heaven itself. Either way, you’ll probably get hooked. I haven’t heard their latest album Aufheben, but it’s only a matter of time before I find a way to hear it. If you’re unaware of the band, check out a couple more of their songs below.

Straight Up and Down – Brian Jonestown Massacre

Servo – Brian Jonestown Massacre

Wisdom – Brian Jonestown Massacre

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