Introducing Penicillin Baby

I was really reluctant to write this band up. Not because they suck or anything like that (far from it actually), but because…..well, let’s just say I didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of other blogs that I’m not a fan of and write up bands with people I’ve known for a while in them just for the sake of a write up.  That comes across as tacky to me, but these tunes are too good to ignore, so I’m gonna break my own rules.

Penicillin Baby is the brain child of my buddy Jon Conant. You might recognize him from his contributions to this site, particularly the fan favorite Shit List. He’s been writing tunes for some time now and has been steadily releasing them over this past year. How would I describe the music?  Saying it’s psychedelic pop would be too easy, especially since the band seems to not want to be pigeon holed by that term. If you missed out earlier, they put out a three songs on a compilation titled Jams: Volume 1.  Their spacey tone is perfect for daydreaming until they drop a fuzz-laced chorus that explodes on impact. In layman terms, this is good shit, peeps. You’ll be left wondering who slipped drugs into your drink and probably thank them for doing so. Their latest song, “Daddy Drove A Hearse,” has hints of surf rock, but unlike a lot of Nashville bands, they opt out of trying to capture the retro sound of it and put their own modern spin on it.

See what I mean? The above mentioned song is going to be released as a split cassette with another band called Megajoos this upcoming Sunday. To celebrate the release, they are throwing a party at Dino’s Bar and Grill. No cover and the cassettes are only $3. I’ll definitely be there, so if you feel like buying me a beer or punching me in my face, you know where I’ll be. For more info, check out the FB event page HERE. If you haven’t already, download their jams below. I see good things on the horizon for this band.

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