Jack White Releases Music Video For “I’m Shakin'”

Even though I find Jack White and his droogs at Third Man to be pretty jive nowadays, I can’t deny the fact that the man makes great music. Blunderbuss might be a terrible name, but the album isn’t without its stand out tunes. One of the tracks that stuck out from the beginning was Jack Gillis’s (sorry, but White’s real name is far more entertaining than his fake one) cover of Willie John’s “I’m Shakin’.” The guitar/bass line on this track is good, it practically struts right out of the speakers. I figured it was only a matter of time before it became a single, and I guess I was right, cause they just released a video for the track.

I’m Shakin’ – Jack White

The video is a pretty cool concept.  Jack White trading guitar licks and vocals with his evil twin and their respective backing bands while a dancing couple dances in the middle of it all. I dig the color scheme and editing. It’s all splice and diced rather nicely together and might be my favorite video that has been released for the album so far. If you haven’t picked up or downloaded the album yet, do it. It’s probably one of the best things Third Man has put out this year (speaking of those fuckers, WHERE’S MY BLACK LIPS LIVE LP DUDES? Rent was due last week. Quit doing renovations and give me my LP already), so go ahead and throw them some bones for that. To hear some of my favorite tracks from the record, just scroll down.

Freedom at 21 – Jack White

Love Interruption – Jack White

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