The Rolling Stones: “Doom and Gloom”

After a seven year wait, the Stones are finally back in the studio…and this is GOOD shit. There’s usually a negative connotation when a band that’s been around as long as the Stones puts out new music. There’s always that fear that the music will never be able to equal up to any of the band’s classic songs and that these geezers are cashing in on their past. Shit, considering all the cringeworthy shit that Jagger’s put out recently, even I was worried that this might be true. However, after hearing the song, my fears were swayed. They may be old, but they’ve still got the attitude.

Doom and Gloom – The Rolling Stones

Now these are some pissed off geezers I can stand! This new track shows that the band definitely benefits from better album production. Keef’s riff is more contagious than the clap and this is, hands down Jagger’s best work in the past 10 years. Plus, Charlie Watts’s drum beat will have your girlfriend shaking her ass all night long. In short, The Stones deliver a head nodder/foot stomper that should make bands several generations younger than them kick themselves for not thinking of it earlier.

The band is setting up to tour in celebration of their 50th anniversary soon. While no official dates have been confirmed, Keef has been good enough to let it slip that some shows are set up for America and Europe, along with a couple of festivals. They probably won’t come to Nashville, but if they do, I’ll pawn a shit ton of stuff to pick up the tab for that ticket. The track is set to come out on their 50th Anniversary compilation titled GRRR! along with another new track that they recorded in France recently. I can’t fucking wait. I might have to re-read Keef’s autobiography again just for shits and gigs. If you still haven’t gotten your Stones fix yet, listen to a couple more of their songs.

Before I sign off on this one, I got a story to tell about the first song below “Bitch.” Well, it’s not my story, it’s my dad’s. See, my dad grew up in Honduras and went to Catholic school. I’m not talking one of these pussy schools like Father Ryan. He was taught by nuns. Real nuns. You know, the ones who are “servants of an all loving and all mighty God” so they think they are justified in beating kids with rulers. Ya know, the same old religious hypocrisy. Anyways, there was a talent show at the school one year and my dad went to see a band perform. They were like 14 year olds and they started playing a song. Everyone was digging it, even with the nuns nodding around. The funny thing is that none of them spoke English so they couldn’t make out what the 14 year old Mick Jagger impersonator was saying. My dad didn’t realize until 10 years later that he witnessed a bunch of straight laces nuns rocking along to a song called “Bitch.” It still cracks him up almost 40 years later. Random story, yes but it’s worth a mention. At very least to show that nuns suck.

Bitch – the Rolling Stones

Complicated – The Rolling Stones

Monkey Man – the Rolling Stones

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