Western Medicine Debut “Painted World”

Remember how I said back in July that Western Medicine would be making a killing this fall/winter?  For those who doubted me, this is a colossal “fuck you.” Despite their previous promise of sticking to fall shows only, you might have seen them pop up somewhere between then and now. They’ve gotten into a habit of playing shows at the very last minute, with the last local one being at the Majestico release show last month. Now, they’re tearing New York City a new asshole for CMJ fest and to kick that off properly, they’re letting us hear what they’ve been up to in the studio. While we’ve only been able to hear demo versions and live cuts of tracks, this is our first taste of a studio take. The song is called “Painted World” and you can hear it on SPIN’s CMJ 2012 Mix. Dig through some shitty tracks and find it on the playlist below.

Listen to “Painted World” on SPIN

A bit of a moody fucker, eh? Another track recorded at Battle Tapes, it starts off relatively minimalist but builds up until it sounds like everyone throws down their instruments at the end. Their studio sound gives off a more contempt vibe that’s like saying “fuck you” but with a twisted smile. Side effects may include apathy, lightheadedness, and blurred vision. Fuck it, go ahead and take two!

Like I said, these dudes are in New York City this week for CMJ along with the rest of the Jeffery Drag Records family. For more info on their shows, and any possible releases (those will probably be covered here too), check out their page on that book of faces.

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