Troubadour Dali Go On Tour

When I lived in Saint Louis for a year, I never paid attention to the music scene. The fact that most of the STL bands I heard were shitty pop-punkers who still believe that getting a spot on the Warped Tour is a cool thing (not that it ever was, but hey, these kids are so delusional, I’d rather not burst the bubble) never helped. However, despite being there from 2009 to 2010, I never noticed a band by the name of Troubadour Dali, even though they’ve been around since 2005.

I got their CD, Let’s Make It Right, from my good friend Jill, which is kind of funny. When we dated, she hated all the music I listened to. Now that we don’t, she loves almost everything I listen to. Now I guess she’s returning the favor/paying back for all those times she dare doubted my excellent taste in music by sending me CD’s she thinks I’d be interested in. This time, she struck solid gold. This band’s sound is familiar but enjoyable. They sound like they listen to a lot of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Mountain, Dig Out Your Soul era Oasis and the usual list of influences that follow those bands around. Their psychedelic rock tracks are like slow burning cigarettes. Even after the last drag and your lungs are emptied of smoke, you still want to light up another one and keep the buzz going. Aside from the title track (which is a bit too cheesy for me; sorry dudes, 8 out of 9 isn’t bad. Ya still pass the class), I can dig listening to this album front to back in one sitting.

The band is on tour right now, hitting up states more towards the West Coast. No idea if they’ll ever make it to this side of the land, but if so, I’d say they warrant a visit. You can check out the tour poster below. I’d post all my favorite tracks below, but it seems like those are limited as far as youtube searches go. So aside from the video for “Pale Glow” below, you’re on your own for the others.

Pale Glow – Troubadour Dali



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