Beware of Mr. Baker Trailer

While I do like a good bit of Cream’s discography, I’ve always considered myself a casual fan. I mean, one of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar was “Sunshine of Your Love,” but whenever I thought of Cream, I really thought of Eric Clapton or at very least, Jack Bruce. I never really went beyond the music because I never felt the need to. Also, while Clapton is a great guitarist, I’ve never been a diehard fan and have always thought he was a bit overrated, especially within regards to his solo career. Apparently I fucked up by not going into their history, because after viewing the trailer for Beware Mr. Baker, it seems like I should have been paying attention to more than just the music.

Like I said, aside from viewing the trailer and being familiar with Cream’s songs, I have no further information on Mr. Baker aside from the fact that he is an awesome drummer (as evidenced on “Toad”) and seems like the coolest pissed off old man I’ve never met (and seeing as how he has a habit of clubbing people in the head with canes, I think I’ll wait for the movie). With a hell of an introduction from the one and only Johnny Rotten and the quick summary of his life story on the documentary’s website, it seems like Ginger Baker is somebody to know. I won’t waste your time with a half-assed wikipedia summary about a topic I know not much about, but if you want more info on the documentary, you can check out the official website right HERE. No word on when it’ll hit theaters or a smaller screen, but considering that its director Jay Bugler won Grand Jury Award at SXSW this year, I think its only a matter of time before we get word on a wider release. Until then, check out a few more of my favorite songs by Cream.

N.S.U. – Cream

Toad – Cream

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