Shilpa Ray Pokes Fun at Pro-Life Supporters, Releases Video For “Nocturnal Emissions”

If you pay attention to this site a lot, you may remember Shilpa Ray from the Best and Worst List of 2011 or when I covered her opening act during the Grinderman show back in 2010. Ever since she released her last album, I haven’t heard much more from her. I heard that she started a Kickstarter to finance this movie and that she was working on a new album, but other than that, not much more. It kind of sucked, because I was beginning to miss her siren-esque voice. Well, it looks like she thinks its time to re-emerge, as she just put out a new video for a new single, titled “Nocturnal Emissions.” I never knew her to be the controversial type, but it looks like she’s about to take that route.

Nocturnal Emissions – Shilpa Ray

From the youtube page:

Produced and Written by Shilpa Ray

Directed by Maria Gigante

The idea for this video was “conceived” during the Todd Akin controversy. Ray posed the question, “What would the conversation be like if we were discussing male reproductive rights?” on Facebook, to which her friend, and fellow musician, Michael Leviton replied: “Every time a man ejaculates and fails to conceive, he’s killing millions of sperm which are living organisms.” If you were to take the ludicrous conservative ideas about abortion and birth control and apply them to men, then every sperm lost would be a life lost.

Interesting concept, to say the least. Despite being a political science major, I don’t usually like to talk politics (when you spend four years studying the system, you realize how fucked we are no matter who’s in office), but as a believer in freedom of choice (which is essentially anti-life in the GOP’s book), I applaud the video. It puts the shoe on the other foot and shows a different but vital point of view. Also, any video that makes Paul Ryan look like the absolute fucktard he is (seeing as how we know he spends most of his time masturbating to “Atlas Shrugged”) is worth viewing. See why I don’t like to talk politics now?

Shilpa Ray’s new album is entitled Last Year’s Savage. No word on the release date, but we’ll keep you posted. Til then, check out a couple more videos of her below. Even if you don’t agree with her political views, you can’t deny she has a great fucking voice.

Liquidation Sale – Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers

Hookers – Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers

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