The Growlers Release “Use Me For Your Eggs” For Free

I can’t stress how busy I am right now, but if I can make it through this upcoming week/semester without getting a fucking tumor, I’ll consider myself half-lucky to say the least. However, I felt the need to take a five minute break to show you guys a new tune. As the release date for their new album, Hung at Heart, draws closer and closer (which speak of the devil, where the fuck is my press copy? C’mon nuccas), the Growlers have released another free MP3 to get us hyped. This one is called “Use Me For Your Eggs” and it’s available for free download at or you help those guys go out of print faster by clicking the link below. If you’ve seen the Big Lebowski (correction, you SHOULD have seen the Big Lebowski), then it’s basically about what Julianne Moore does to the Dude at the end of the movie. I think the dude would abide with this track. You can also check out what the band says about the track as well. Anyways, blah, blah, blah, back to the fucking trenches I go. See you on the other side (maybe).

“The song’s about seeing a girl you want so badly that you’d give her a ring and nut in her to seal the deal. We call it Sorny.” – Brooks Nielsen


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