Black Lips + Middle East: You Know, For Kids

The Black Lips have never been a pussyfooted band. From slipping each other the tongue on stage in the early days to being chased out of India by the government, these dudes don’t like to shy away from controversy. But a few months ago, they pulled a move that was pretty shocking, even for them: they announced a tour of the Middle East. As I stated before, this band hasn’t exactly had the best of luck when it comes to touring unconventional places. I’ve never been to either region, but I can’t really imagine there would be much of a difference between a jail in Iraq or India, and those jails are the real deal (forget civil rights, you get moldy bread and earwigs in those places). To coincide with this already unorthodox trip, they ended up booking the trip when the shit in Egypt hit the fan hard. However, it seemed that the tour went off without a hitch and the band is now back in the States. And now, we have video evidence.

You Know, For Kids

Unbeknownst to many, director Bill Cody captured a lot of footage of the tour that featured another band called Lazzy Lung. Aside from the trailer, little else is known about the documentary. Apparently, a kick-starter-esque account has been set up to help finance a wider release and editing and shit.  If you got the cash, cough it up so moochers like me can see it when it hits the internet.

You can check out said site HERE. And as always, here’s a track or two.

Bad Kids – Black Lips

Sea of Blasphemy – Black Lips

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