Western Medicine Change Their Name To Western Medication, Release “Big City”

A month after the band released its first studio cut, it looks like shit’s being finalized over in the Western Medicine camp. Scratch that….The Western Medication camp, that is. That’s right. The band has changed their last name more times than a kid going through a custody battle but has finally settled on Western Medication, which has a better ring to it. The band has also taken the liberty of adding another member, Useless Eaters’ keyboardist Alycia Wahn, to round out the band’s sound. I’ll be lazy for a bit and let the press release do the rest of the talking:

Nashville indie rock label Jeffery Drag Records is proud to announce the details for the first release from new signing Western Medication. From their association with Jeffery Drag alone, one might imagine the band having a southern-fried garage rock aesthetic similar to other JDR signees, such as Natural Child, Turbo Fruits, or Bad Cop. However, Western Medication is actually a melodic post-punk outfit that channels a tasty mix of early Joy Division, Wire, and British new wave circa 1985. Their debut 7″ EP, The Painted World, is set for release on January 29th, 2013, and promises to be one of JDR’s most compelling releases.

As the brainchild of Nashvillian punk Justin Landis, Western Medication was created as, “the remedy against the epidemic of uninspired rock that has been pumped out for years.” After his Chinese acupuncturist sternly warned him, “No more Western medicine!”, Justin rounded up frontman Adam Anyone and drummer Danger of Bad Cop, and keyboardist Alycia Wahn of Useless Eaters to create music that is aggressive, dark, and beautiful all blended together. With The Painted World on the horizon, Western Medication is already working on their follow-up project with the help of Cage the Elephant’s Lincoln Parish.

The first offering from Western Medication’s 7″ EP is a song entitled “Big City.” Clocking in at about a minute long, the song packs frenzied amounts of energy into a short, guitar-fueled ride. It encompasses the emotions that an isolated, small-town farmer would probably feel if he were dropped in the middle of Times Square. Fast-paced and unrelenting, “Big City” once again proves the old adage of quality over quantity.

So there you have it folks. We now have a release date and according to Adam, an upcoming music video for “Painted World” is expected to be due before the end of the year. You can check out the track “Big City” below. Like it was stated above, the song is a chaotic shit-kicker that is set to a “snatch and run like hell” tempo. It packs a punch and I can’t wait for the rest of what these dudes have up their sleeves.

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