Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Announce New Album, Tour Dates

It’s felt like ages since BRMC released their last album, Beat the Devil’s Tattoo. Okay, maybe not ages, but 3 years does seem like a fairly long time for a band that is prolific as they are. There’s been much talk of studio sessions, with the band teasing with the occasional studio sesh picture or Robert Levon Been doing another poem here and there. Well, it looks like the wait is over. The band is gearing up to release a new album next year and has announced a slew of tour dates to kick it off.

When they announced that they were going to be announcing something last Tuesday, you better believe I was counting down that shit. It felt like I was counting down for a nuclear launch, but considering how these dudes blow shit up with every release, that analogy really isn’t that far off. The band has set a tentative release date for March 2013. This shit has the tendency to change, but at least we have some solid info now and not just speculation. The tour dates they have announced are on the poster above. If you’re in the region of one of these fuckers, check it out. I’ve seen the band twice and they kill it every time. When they announce US tour dates or if anything happens to the release date, I’ll let you guys know. Until then, here’s some stand out tracks by the band to get you as stoked as I am.

Ain’t No Easy Way – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Not What You Wanted – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Conscience Killer – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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