“Bad Kids” – Gabrielle Hall

Female singers are a dime a dozen nowadays. To make matters worse, their shelf life isn’t very long. They tend to hit it big once and then never really achieve that level of success again. Look at Duffy, Celine Dion, or even Adele. One minute, they’re on top of the world, but the next, no one really gives a shit. Of course, this could be because those people are manufactured like Taco Bell and shit out even easier. In a world where thousands of wannabes are willing to wait in line to become the next American Idol, it’s become clear that in order to not fall into that trap, female singers have to have more than just the voice of an angel; they’ve gotta have the look of the devil in them as well. Gabrielle Hall’s got that look.

I first saw her perform at Mt. Swag a few weeks ago. She fronted a new band by the name of Hermosa and though this was only their second show, they did a damn good job. The chemistry was tight and I don’t know if Hall has ever fronted a band before, but she pulled it off and showed everyone her chops. If she had something to prove, she proved it. A few nights after the show, I stumbled upon her bandcamp and spun some of her tunes. The one that really stuck out would have to be the one below, “Bad Kids.” With her delivery of lines like “This corner is where I’ll be, waiting for bad kids, like me,” you can tell she’s got a bit of the devil in her. And that’s what makes this standout. You can hear the track below. There are a couple of other ones on her bandcamp if this peaks your interest. She’s supposed to have an EP come out soon on Jeffery Drag Records sometime soon. More on that as it comes.

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