Promised Land Debut “Stoned Eagle” EP

Up until a few months ago, the only way you’d get to hear some tunes from the Promised Land was to go to one of their shows or check out their hilarious video for “Down On My Knees” (retitled as “Fuck Cancer” now). Otherwise, you’d be shit out of luck until today. As part of Cyber-Monday (which I guess is like Black Friday for those fat fucks who can’t unglue themselves from the computer to go wait in line), the band has made a surprise move to release their new EP Stoned Eagle on their bandcamp today. If you got an extra $6, cough it up kids.

You know the players, so you should know what to expect. This EP is relatively more laid back that from Joey and Sean’s time in PUJOL and more in the vein of Denney and the Jets, but still different.  It’s got more of that classic rock vibe than a country vibe like Denney does, which I dig a lot more. I mean, there’s still some country in it cause these dudes are from the South, but its not as heavy. The only skippable track really is “Cool Me Down,” but once you skip that track, you come to the best track on the whole thing, “Fuck Cancer” (I refuse to censor it. C’mon dudes, you’re in a rock ‘n’ roll band. If the Stones can name a song “Cocksucker Blues”, I think you can get away with not censoring fuck). It’s one of those tracks that gets better with time and without sounding to cliche, is simply a feel good track. Give it a listen. Buy the whole thing and be the judge for yourself or just listen to the fucker on bandcamp like I am. These dudes play a show at the Stone Fox on December 3rd, so if you haven’t done your civic duty of seeing them yet, then you’re fucking up. Quit doing that and check out the EP below.

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