Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Are Back In 2013

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds released their critically acclaimed (and my introduction to them) Dig Lazarus Dig!, yet with how prolific Nick Cave is, you might have hardly noticed. Between Grinderman (RIP) and doing things like the Lawless Soundtrack, he’s managed to stay in the light for a bit. Well, it seems like its time for him to go back to his second love, the Bad Seeds. He’s pulling the band back out of the junkyard as they gear up to release Push the Sky Away on February 18th, 2013. To cap it off, they’ve released a new trailer of the making of the album.

Just so you don’t get your hopes up too much, there are not any new songs shown off in the video. Instead, the video shows the band in the writing stages of the album. Cave and Warren Ellis dictate their ideas to the rest of the band while a somewhat eerie drum and low rumble bass plays in the background. You can pick up a few hints of what the record will sound like (Cave mentions a 13 minute song), but if you follow Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, you’ll know that guessing is almost worthless. This is a band that has morphed from piano ballads to bass grooves to electric guitar saturated chaos in its almost 30 years of being together. And with Cave’s recent statements saying that the album doesn’t sound like Grinderman or any of the band’s past work, it’s anyone’s guess. However, I think the only valid assumption to make about it would be that the record will sound badass. That’s all I got.

The first song, “We No Who U R” is set to be released on December 3rd. The band is planning a tour with a tour date already being established for San Diego, CA on April 16th, 2013 (Coachella next, anybody?). The tracklist is listed below. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with some of the Bad Seeds, here’s a shotty history of it through videos. If it does anything, it’ll get you siked for the new album.


1. We No Who U R
2. Wide Lovely Eyes
3. Water’s Edge
4. Jubilee Street
5. Mermaids
6. We Real Cool
7. Finishing Jubilee Street
8. Higgs Boson Blues
9. Push The Sky Away

Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Mercy Seat – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Babe, I’m on Fire – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Abattoir Blues – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

2 Responses to “Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Are Back In 2013”
  1. crankypants says:

    oh my god oh my god i have a reason to live for another year
    thank you for this. Nick has been very lax about sending out his newsletter and I don’t really pay enough attention.

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