Dave Grohl Brings Sound City Back To Life In February

Picture 11I don’t know if any of you guys have been keeping up with this or even  know if this film exists, but if you love good music, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t.  If you don’t, Sound City is the directorial debut from the one and only Dave Grohl. Before he announced that the Foos were on hiatus and that he was back to pounding drums for Queens of the Stone Age (which all I can say is FUCK YEAH!), Grohl had dropped hints to another project in a field that he is relatively new to: documentaries. Sound City follows the life of Sound City Studios, a former recording studio in Los Angeles, California.

While the recording studio is now defunct, it is fucking legendary. Odds are one of your favorite artists recorded some of their greatest work there. Some examples: Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors, Tom Petty’s Wild Flowers, Rage Against the Machine’s debut, Arctic Monkeys’ Suck it and See, Queens of the Stone Age’s Rated R, and two relatively unknown records by the name of Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush and Nirvana’s Nevermind. To further emphasis the badassery that is the studio, Grohl has created a posthumous documentary in which he interviews a laundry list of today’s greatest musicians on how great the studio was. They also discuss how it sucks to live in an age where technology takes out the human aspects of recording and makes it easier for prissy posers to just loop their parts without ever even practicing. What I said will probably make sense after you watch the trailer. The film is slated to premiere sometime in February. No idea about a wider release, but I’d probably bet on that happening in the summer. A soundtrack is supposively in the works as well which will include jams from everyone involved. DROOL. Get hyped on the trailers below. Grohl was already a man of many trades musically, but now, it looks like he’s set on taking over the world.

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