New Mudhoney Album Due April 2013!!

If you like Nirvana or any other band associated with the whole “grunge” term (except Pearl Jam, but everybody who knows anything about music knows that Pearl Jam suck and are the reason we have shit like Creed), then you better be thanking Mudhoney.  They busted into the world in 1988 with the landmark album Superfuzz Bigmuff. Yeah, while I’d chastise a band for naming an album after a guitar pedal, don’t you fucking dare say a bad word about it EVER. It didn’t just open the flood gates for scalping guitar tones, it blew up the whole fucking dam! Anyways, there’s a brief history for ya that you probably could have found on Wikipedia but with less swear words (but what’s the fun in that?).  These dudes have been around for 24 years and though they still hold down day jobs, they still manage to jam and put out records when they can. As a result of this tireless effort, they are about to release their 9th album. It’s called Vanishing Point and is due out on Sub Pop April 2nd, 2013. Uh…fuck yeah!

The album comes 5 years after their last great effort The Lucky Ones.  They may be getting older, but they still have the energy they did when they were in their 20’s. According to Mark Arm, the album consists of “a pile of riffs and ideas, and I went through them and tried to come up with words that suited them.” He promises that the album will still have Mudhoney’s signature sleazy sound and that’s good enough for me. If you aren’t stoked about this yet, you’re probably a bedwetter or a virgin (or both). Fix that by listening to some of their songs below.

Also, can someone hook me up with a copy of the band’s documentary “I’m Now”? I don’t have a credit card or anything to buy it over the internet. Somebody please throw me a bone!

Touch Me I’m Sick – Mudhoney

The Lucky Ones – Mudhoney

Need – Mudhoney

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