The Growlers Return to Nashville, Release Album in January

If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, the Growlers had to end up delaying their long-awaited album Hung at Heart until January of next year. Yeah, I know. Amongst the beach goth scene, I’ll bet this album is starting to feel like Chinese Democracy, but based on that one day I spent interviewing the band, I can tell you they are definitely not assholes like Axl Rose or Slash. Nevertheless, the album is still slated to be released on January 22nd. Until then, you can preorder the album on the band’s website. In order to keep us still hyped, they are going on a long tour to promote the release. And lucky for us, the band is stopping in at the Exit Inn on January 14th.

The last time the band dropped in wasn’t the greatest. They played to a half empty 12th and Porter, but they still had the tunes at least. I don’t know what happened that night, but at least they still put on a show and the new songs they announced were still killer. Hopefully this time around there will be more people. So spread the word. Tell your friends that these fuckers are coming to town to pillage and burn it to the ground….and you can help! But seriously, come to this show. It’ll be worth your time.

Check out the tour schedule below. Sources say that the album will be available at the show as well so we can get it about a week in advance. Fuck yeah. Do the right thing. Check em out.

Empty Bones – The Growlers

Gay Thoughts – the Growlers

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