Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Release Badass Promos

Picture 12If the world doesn’t implode tomorrow, then March is gonna be a hell of a month. Aside from being able to see the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with Chris Deline of Culture Bully, the whole world is gonna be graced with a new album from the mighty Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. To ease the fact that we’re gonna have to sit on our hands for another three months (two if the fucker leaks early), the band is apparently going to be doing a short film series to chronicle the making of the album. From now on, a new short will be released every week via the band’s official website.

Part 1 is below. The films are directed by Malia James of Dum Dum Girls and this first one is narrated by Ian Ottaway. If you don’t know who Ian is, he has a hilarious, yet often insightful blog on the band’s website. He’s what they’d call a spiritual advisor for the band, which I imagine includes eating drugs with the band and telling them how cool they are. Shit, how do I get a job that cool? Check out the video below. More to come, with hopefully a release date soon.

Part 1

Oh, and while I’m here, I’m gonna go ahead and post Robert Levon Been’s post about the new album being completed. It just wrapped up a week ago apparently, but he says it better than I can. Read, kids. It’s good for you. Well, a lot better than watching The Voice at least.

-the war is over, let the battle begin- ROBERT LEVON BEEN*

We wrapped in the studio today.

The album was officially completed and wrapped in the studio on 12-12-12

and of course it would be today of all days.

The mystical day of 3-3-3, as if any other day would’ve suited it. How could i have been so presumptuous to ever think otherwise.

This has been one of the most insane, hectic last couple weeks of my life, and that’s saying a lot.

We’ve been fighting against this deadline for months now and Peter only literally finished the final lyrics to one of the last songs on the record a few hours ago.

So it all built up to this moment.

not a moment to late… and not a moment to soon

god damn i need a drink.

– Robert Levon Been 12/12/12 4:46 AM

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