Queens of the Stone Age Do “Secrets of the Sound”

Picture 14I’m more stoked about the new Queens of the Stone Age record than I was for Christmas. Seriously, it’s been 6 years too long since Era Vulgaris and the world is much overdue for an album with riffs that have more swagger than was thought to be humanly possible. However, any long time fan of the band knows that the only thing that can match their riffs is their senses of humor. Always people looking out for a good laugh, the band has recruited Matt Berry and Steve Agee to do a sort of mockumentary on the making of the new album. Liam Lynch, who directs most of the band’s music videos, directed the fucker as well.

Who knew Homme was such a huge Swayze fan? It’s not as funny as the Bulby stuff they did for Era Vulgaris (see below), but it’s still pretty cool. You can catch more hilarity from the band below along with a few tunes of theirs I’ve been blaring in anticipation of their new record. You can also read their open letter to NME describing the sound of the new album as a “codeine cabaret.”  Get stoked kids.


Oh yeah, I meant to post this earlier, but Josh Homme did a hilarious commercial for the new Scissor Sisters record. Not a fan of the Scissor Sisters, but apparently the lead singer guy is going to be on Queens new album as well, so it seems relevant enough to post as well.

Sick, Sick, Sick – Queens of the Stone Age

Avon – Queens of the Stone Age

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