Best and Worst of 2012: Band Edition

When I was trying to find music as a kid, I’d always pick up a lot from hearing what people in my favorite bands liked to listen to. For instance, I found the essentials like the Stooges and Mudhoney because I heard Kurt Cobain dug them or recently, I found the Pretty Things’ phenomenal album  S.F. Sorrow because I heard Noel Gallagher and Kasabian were hooked on it. It’s like playing six degrees of separation, except it’s not completely fucking retarded and you might actually get something out of it.

So that was the primary idea running through my head when I decided to put this together. I wanted to take a few bands I really dug and put them on the spot. I wanted to see what their favorite and shittiest bands/moments of the year were. I let them get creative as far as how their answers would be. Either way, it makes for an interesting read.

Fly Golden Eagle

Answered by Richard (drums)


Favorite Albums

Icon Give Thank – Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras & The Congos

I really like it when people get genuinely inventive with a “pre-exisitng genre or framework, staying true to the tradition but advancing it at the same time. Will Oldham is a great example of someone who does this; maybe the only one as far as the folk genre is concerned. These DJ’s got diddy-flipped with these classic reggae dogs and made a fantastic album.

Skelethon – Aesop Rock

This guy should be the poet laureate of the USA. I wish he could be included in poetic anthologies. I wish him well. I like hip-hop an awful lot because it’s one of the only places where the oral tradition survives when it’s done well……and it makes me bob my head. Ace Rock has the most replay value imaginable.

Faithful Man – Lee Fields

If it wasn’t him, it’d be some white throw back dude – which would suck. As it stands, we get Lee Fields and it’s great.

Black Is Beautiful – Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland

A record of subtleties and strange journeys. A silent assassin. The Narcissist wasn’t on this but that song of theirs nails the same aesthetic and can take you to some brilliant places.

Worst Albums

There were a lot, but Fear Fun by Father John Misty comes to mind.

Cool Moments

Lambchop – Finding out how quiet they play and how aggressive and threatening that can be.

Making rounds with the rowdy Alabama Shakes – They’re the real deal

Ghot Wingz/Oak Valley Lanes shows – Self promotion, but they were seriously some of the most fun things we have been apart of.

Pussy Riot Getting In Trouble – This is, of course, unfortunate in one major sense, but cool in the sense that EVERYONE who heard about it should have evaluated what they were doing with their lives; especially if you toy with music. And being in Nashville, i took it even harder.

Shitty Moments

I feel everything/nothing. It’s not worth it then, at the end of the day.

The Hussy

Answered by Bobby Hussy (vocals/guitar) and Heather Sawyer (vocals/drums)

Bobby’s Best of 2012

1. Putrifiers II EP – Thee Oh Sees

One of the best Oh Sees records you will hear. It’s hard to imagine where they will go next, but I’m definitely excited. The title track is the best cut.

2. Family Perfume Vols 1+2 Comp – White Fence


Great psych rock pop from San Francisco. This double LP is dense but completely rewarding. “Do Know Ida Know” is THEE jam. Essential listening of 2012.

3. S/T – The Barbaras

One of the best pop garage bands to surface in recent years. The project was recorded by Jay Reatard and didn’t see release until well after the band had dissolved. “Heaven Hangs” is amazing.

4. Slaugherhouse – Ty Segall Band

I dug this record. I think its heavy. admittedly, I hate the format (2X10″), had this been a 12″ #P with a shorter noise jam than Fuzz War, it would be number one on my list of best of 2012. Enough said.

5. “Searching For Sugar Man” – Rodriguez

Lyrics about “silver magic ships, jumpers, coke, and sweet mary jane” will trip you out/bring out your inner stoner, but its lyrics like “and I talked to Jesus at the sewer/And the Pope said it was none of his God-damned business” will draw you in. Incredibly deep and flourishing, so its received extensive play at my house.

Best Local Albums

1. Barb’s Trailer EP – Fire Retarded

Out of the ashes of Giant People and the hometown charmers New Years Gang comes the garage-punk band Madison’s been waiting for! Amazingly powerful! I’ll be recording some tracks for them early in 2013.

2. Drown EP – Dharma Dogs

Power slop garage grunge. Like Husker with more booze. Does that make them Mudhoney? Maybe. I have no idea. It’s good and very powerful live, so I dig.

3. All Outta Love EP – The Lonesome Savages

Crampsesque garage punk swing. Max Elliott takes center stage with his wild voice, but the spotlight also sparkles on Dead Luke, who’s psyched out solos proves he’s Madison’s reigning garage guitarist extraordinaire.

Heather’s Best of 2012

1. Hair – Ty Segall & White Fence

I have put this on many times this year. Great to here these two guys collaborating. I really, really love this record.

2. Putrifiers II EP – Thee Oh Sees

This is another great record put out by Thee Oh Sees. Every track on this record is total killer. I really love tracks “So Nice” and “We Will Be Scared” but really, all the tracks rule. You must own this record.

3. GOD TAKES LSD – Dead Luke

Killer release by Madison, WI’s very own psych monster! Great release and I put this thing on when I want to turk and chill. BOOM.

4. Fire Retarded/New Years Gang Split Cassette


Great Local Madison release! Both sides are super catchy punk at its finest! This shit rocks hard. Glad I picked it up! Out on Kitschy Manitou Records

5. Drown EP – Dharma Dogs

Also out on Kitschy, totally killer and brutski’s! Recorded by Bobby! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Bad Cop

Answered by Adam “Anyone” Moult (vocals/head honcho of Jeffery Drag)


Best Albums

I don’t really know that many albums that came out this year, ive been busy putting out albums, I could name drop some like crazy like Natural Child “Mother Nature’s Daughter”, but I’m not gonna do that….. 🙂 How about 4 records I dug this year?

All Things Must Pass – George Harrison


Yes, I’m late to the party but I’m here now and I love it. It’s fucking amazing. “What Is Life?” is up there with “About a Girl” in my favorite songs of all time. Buy this album. Yes, buy it. Don’t download it, you little cuntbag.

Knock On Wood – Eddie Floyd

This also changed the way I perceived music. It’s amazing. Please buy this record and discover it for yourself; it’s a one of the best. Obviously, the title track is a classic. The theme song to having a good fucking day.


I know his new album is out, but this mixture RULED END OF 2011/2012. I did not go anywhere without hearing “Trilla”, “Keep It G”, or “Purple Swag.” I fucking love these cats; he has the No.1 radio song out right now, and its called “FUCKIN’ PROBLEM” about he has a problem fucking too many bad girls. Fuck yes A$AP, you’re forcing the mainstream to accept words like fuck, or all the things baby boomers fear. KEEP IT RIDING MANE. PO A 4 FO ME.

Unknown Pleasures – Joy Division

Ain’t even goin into it. It’s amazing, buy it. Just do it. You’ll see.

Cool Moments

Opening for Cage the Elephant – The coolest shit i’ve ever done. Playing on top of the Cosmopolitan in Vegas was the coolest show I have ever played, and lots of cool stuff on that tour. Those cats are the real deal, playing for thousands and thousands a night, killing it, AND they kept their soul through getting big.

CMJ 2012 – Amazing. Julian Casablancas was at a Bad Cop show grooving; I grew up on Is This It? so that was pretty fucking tight.

My label joined Frenchkiss Label Group – A HUGE step for us, and a HUGE moment in my life.

Bad Cop made a fucking great EP at BattlesTapes with Jeremy Ferguson and Brad Shultz from Cage the Elephant – I don’t know, it was probably the best and most progressive year this band, or I as a musician have ever had. Lots of great moments. Watch out for that EP this summer and a 7″ out March 11th on Jeffery Drag called “Chicago Lady”, so dig it. Also a video off that EP entitled “Light On” is all coming your way soon. I’m gonna stop talking cause my partners are gonna be like “stop dropping the secrets.” Haha

Shitty Moments

Life sometimes, man……..haha – Women can be shitty, People can be shitty, I can be shitty, plans can go sour, relationships can go bad, just life sometimes. I’d rather not list personal downfalls this year but those downfalls are what inspire me to keep on and keep moving and keep making art because that’s my way of expressing how it makes me feel. So in a strange strange way, I enjoy shitty moments, because I know when the dust settles I got an album coming and it’ll be some real shit. Or at least thats how I try to look at it. I could be off, but fuck it. Life isn’t that’s just a ride, man.

Last Words For 2012

2012 was some of the highest highs, lowest lows, and the most progressive year I have ever had as an artist. I can’t see what’s next in 2013. I have a ton of new songs on top of all the unreleased records also almost done. Be prepared to see a ton of Bad Cop in 2013.

Penicillin Baby


Answered by Jon Conant (vocals/guitars)

Best Albums

1. King Tuff – King Tuff

2. Lonerism – Tame Impala

3. Diamond Rugs -Diamond Rugs

4. Hair – Ty Segall & White Fence

5. Putrifiers II EP – Thee Oh Sees

Best Songs

1. Scissor People – Ty Segall & White Fence

2. Alone and Stoned – King Tuff

3. Oblivion – Grimes

4. Gimme a Beer – Diamond Rugs

5. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – Tame Impala

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